If you were to describe the world in 3 words, what words would you choose? (a crowdsourced poem)

This poem collects responses to the question above gathered both online and afk. An ongoing project, it will be updated once a week (on Sunday evening, or as near to Sunday evening as possible) with any new responses gathered, after which line-order will be randomised using The Incredible Automated Dada Poetry Machine (by AUTODADA) in order to produce fresh and expanding poetic arrangements on a weekly basis. The final line, however, is the poet’s own; its adjective is subject to change depending on how the poem/world develops. If you would like to contribute, please leave your response in the comments and it will be included with the next update. A huge thanks to all contributors past, present and future, without whom this poem could not exist.

some oul craic
fuckin loada pish
scary, wet, humble
conical, chaotic, noisy
hard to leave
rock broch croque
Life versus Facebook
harmless? yeah, right…
must do better
cyclical, spherical, magical
smooth and round
Google Images vague
a big question
absolute fucking carnival
fuck you Cal
for my taking
argh argh aieee!
very fucking small
thin crazy crust
dark spontaneous craft
is this it?
sad sorry state
utter pure brilliant
Wet and hairy
something not nothing
Mars is better
overcrowded, ignorant, doomed
not bloody likely
I don’t know
big and round
a rock lobster
crowded twisting ball
you and me
it’s in space
interesting and fun
A fucking shambles
an eclectic dump
brown and blue
mixed bag, like
money-grabbing bastards
round, fast, blue
colour, variety, fucked
earthy airy meaty
blue, populised, contoured
chaotic, beautiful, confusing
-Full -Empty -Mine
big and round
coincidence of opposites
our holy star
A pile pish
wild at heart
money isolation success
I’ve got nothing
facing impending doom
so much potential
spherical yet pointy
mulleted galactic vessel
scotch egg picnic
a crazy poem