JanusLOLs 24/6/13

More JanusLOLs. For method see this post.

januslol benevolent business man

januslol bow

januslol consummation

januslol night sweats

januslols delusion


JanusLOLs 6/3/13

To make JanusLOLs you will need: JanusNode, Google Image Search, and a meme maker such as MemeMaker.

First, generate some language using JanusNode. Next, select a language string and use it as your search term on Google image search, then choose an image from the results page (extra points for using the first entry). Finally, upload the image to a meme maker and caption it using your selected language string. Here are a few I made earlier:

an omniscient midwife
modernist metaphysics
bertie maccoon