minor outbreaks numbered

minor outbreaks numbered
two hundred and one
in a position where i can
have no existence and by the
artistic beauty of this affair, i was
at that time
scarcely a general and of
the straight straight line which you are

but, like the owl cooped in the true
space is a blessing for me to
enter into –
i do – but this is
all in vain

Made with Gnoetry. Source texts: S. Beckett, Three Novels; A. Square, Flatland. Liberal sculpting: subtraction and multiplication of words; no addition*. Emphasis on sound values (with performance in mind). Listen to mp3 here.

*Subtraction: removal of word(s) from output text.
Multiplication: insertion of word(s) extant in original output text.
Addition: insertion of word(s) absent from original output text.


engine and rainwater rouge white layers

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

-William Carlos Williams

I fed this seminal piece of American modernism into BadTranslator, minus line breaks, producing a thirty-five line permutational poem. Then, when I was down at my parents’ house, I used a dictaphone to record the sound of a wheelbarrow being pushed along a gravel track, of a midnight rainstorm, and of the clucking of the hens in the garden. Back in Glasgow, I recited the poem into the dictaphone then mixed it with loops of the recorded sounds. You can listen to the result here (mp3).