Photobombing on the River Seine

Paris is beautiful in books
on TV and IRL
everyone agrees

tourists gather on Rue de la Cité
see the Seine swagger
say cheese

and I get my kicks
from forgetting to say
excuse me please


The Tollund Man

Iron-age village by Lejre.
Iron-age house by Lejre.
The residents lived in the western end of the house.
The livestock was kept in the eastern end of the house.

The Tollund Man didn’t shave the last 24 hours of his life.
The Tollund Man was naked, except for his cap and belt.
The Tollund Man with the rope around his neck.
Livestock was sacrificed, too.

The look on his face is calm.
Like a person sleeping quietly.
The eyes are closed.
The lips are well-preserved.


Poem made with captions and photograph found at the Tollund Man website.