Poem 17/7/13

alone in my office
I close my eyes
so as to feel a being
in the being of the universe

my eyelids are heavy and palpable
there are voices and traffic and warm
air blows through the open window
Sara shuffles papers in the office next door

the faint call of sleep
like an ornamental conch
whispers twixt realities
its whisperable sea

I swoon to the babble
of these feigned transitions
sea-gods inhabit
shells on a beach

I cannot swim, but only want
enough salt in the air
for me to stay afloat awhile
a little null-shaped buoy

when I open my eyes
I see the image of a mermaid
Ariel, perched on a rock
flanked by a breaking wave

her face has been replaced
with the face of Nicholas Cage
his eyes are fixed on something
his hair billows in the wind


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