Poem for Vladimir Umanets

Poem, for Vladimir Umanets Part IV
Poem, for Vladimir Umanets Part II
Poem, for Vladimir Umanets Part III
Poem, for Vladimir Umanets Part IV

Vladimir Umanets was jailed for two years on 13th December 2012 for claiming Rothko’s Black on Maroon as a potential piece of yellowism.



2 thoughts on “Poem for Vladimir Umanets

  1. What a load of shit the guy is a lazy bum, with no talent. Fake wannabe artist. Thinks his thinking deep but really has probably just smoked to much weed.

  2. He’s not an artist though (wannabe or otherwise) but a yellowist. And whatever yellowism is, whether you understand/agree with it or not, the fact he’s now in prison demonstrates a conviction and a commitment to a *formal* principle that’s not only lacking among the contemporary artists lauded by the Tate et al, it’s completely incomprehensible to them. Why? Because their work obeys the logic of fashion and the art market, in other words, a cash-driven relativism, which is no principle at all. For these artists, the only thing worse than the avant-garde never having happened (because they need its breakthroughs for their formal liberties) is for it to happen again (because it recognises that with liberty must come responsibility) – that’s why yellowism has received such negative coverage and been deliberately belittled in the art press: EVERYONE has so much to lose. Much easier to take away Umanets’s liberty so the artists can retain theirs (and the exorbitant sums that follow for the lucky ones). While artists profit from their art, Umanets suffers for his yellow. Also, I take issue with your diagnosis of ‘to much’. How much is to much? You may just need to work on building up a tolerance. If at first it makes you sick, don’t give up, this is merely the shock of the new. Persevere; revelation sometimes follows.

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