JanusLOLs 6/3/13

To make JanusLOLs you will need: JanusNode, Google Image Search, and a meme maker such as MemeMaker.

First, generate some language using JanusNode. Next, select a language string and use it as your search term on Google image search, then choose an image from the results page (extra points for using the first entry). Finally, upload the image to a meme maker and caption it using your selected language string. Here are a few I made earlier:

an omniscient midwife
modernist metaphysics
bertie maccoon

JanusNode Sonnet 0116050313

A transparent ironing board, a record, a curtain
14 umbrellas on the right of a flute
The drunken hermeneutics of heaven
A tooth and a football rolled up in a boot
One slab of polystyrene in an origami box
Some taxis tied to a metronome
A cutout of a paisley paper-mache pair of socks
Some kind of metronome/metronome.
Passport photo of a lightbulb
The drunken semantics of a Calgarian skull
One polished silicone pile of bones
Honey, in a camouflage traffic cone
A radioactive heat-sensitive heart
A dark green t-shirt with 20 arms.