Concrete Labyrinth Episode [nearly the end]: Fall of the Goblin King

In which Jareth proposes that if Sarah fear him, love him, and do as he says, then he will be her slave, thus prompting Sarah’s remembrance that he has no power over her, and thereby catalysing his transformation into an owl as the clock strikes thirteen.

fall of the goblin king


To a Poor Wee Junkie

After William Carlos Williams, by way of Tom Leonard and Irvine Welsh

burning a bagel in
the room a square sheet
of foil in his hand

That is fucking good
That is fuck-
ing good. That is
fucking good

You can see it by
the way he gives himself
to the whole bag
sucked in out of a hand-made tin-foil tube

Comforted, relieved —
a plume of ripe scag
seeming to fill the air
That is fucking good