fire into song @ Arches LIVE, Glasgow, September 18-19

Tickets are available now for ‘fire into song’, part of the Arches LIVE 2012 festival at The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland. It is directed by Cara Berger and features a live poetry generator built and controlled by Sebastian Charles and myself (find more of our machines here). If you’re in the Glasgow area, do come along.

From the Arches LIVE brochure:

Cara Berger with Victoria Beesley and Vanessa Coffey: Fire Into Song

Drawing on a wealth of texts, from Ovid and Hesiod to Kafka and Helene Cixous, Fire Into Song shines a new light on the Prometheus myth by asking: can we imagine a female Prometheus?

Dance, spoken word and live improvisation combine to create a new and surprising performance each night as the main themes of the myth – the disintegration of the creative body, fire that brings life but also consumes it, and the creative act as one of self-destruction – are reexamined from a feminist perspective.

Ectologue Triptych

vainly the muses
made me find a bench
and mould the forms of things

blue was addictive

and with these little pills
i sang the sun to rest
from dancing and content

i found
a god

blue was minimal


there’s always been a weight
within the shapes
the clouds the stars

blue is not human at all

draw from the town, my friend
to be the page more dear
to other people

Made using Gnoetry. Source Texts: Virgil’s Eclogues; various MDMA experiences as reported on

Two JanusNode WebPoems

A couple of sketchy wee poems I made the other night using the excellent new WebPoem function of JanusNode 3.14. The text (including titles) was harvested from three random URLs (I haven’t checked to see which ones).


i swear

i dont
I dont

Copyright c

the Hedonic way
over the youtube

Origins of Hedonism




Tree Dream Poem

Imagination is a tree.
– Gaston Bachelard

you is the difference
between dreaming of trees
and dreaming that you are a tree

between that difference
of you are and a tree is
dreaming you dreaming the trees

you are dreaming of
you and the tree between trees
that is difference a-dreaming

that you are the trees and a tree is you
of difference dreaming
dreaming between