Poem 28/7/12

rain! rain torrents on ten tall trees an wan wee tree
from sway to shake
do wheeze the tall wee trees

a gull peeks on fae a wall
maudlin, peckin the rain
all alane


13:48 27/7/12

His existence
Had been lavishing a secret wish
To earn money (even if logic were married
To every perfect individual).

Art was closed.
“You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together
Matter!” (And that is grossly offensive –
Of an indecent, obscene or menacing character…)

It was nothing.
A week later, he was arrested by four police officers
An important decision (for the philosophers
Whose atrophying effect chrysalises

Like a joke).

Made with JanusNode, Tristan Tzara’s Dada Manifesto and ‘Bomb Joke Tweet Man Wins Case’ Guardian article 27/7/12

A series of poems found at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 16/7/12

life is just beginning
and biomorphic forms
have sprung into existence!

abandon your dark tonalities
for a vibrant palette
of purples, pinks, glowing greens and yellows…

the artist
was out

This little lane,
which still exists

a partly imagined nostalgic panorama

poetic suggestion


a grainy surface
placed behind the canvas
rubbed with a crayon


the ‘burr’
the metal
thrown up
the action
the drypoint needle drawn
across the plate
of intensity on
the sheet

The Late Career of Samuel John Peploe

He generally painted the same motifs – flowers, fruit, fans and crockery –
arranged in different combinations.

flowers, fruit, fans and crockery
flowers, fruit, crockery and fans
flowers, fans, fruit and crockery
flowers, fans, crockery and fruit
flowers, crockery, fruit and fans
flowers, crockery, fans and fruit
fruit, flowers, fans and crockery
fruit, flowers, crockery and fans
fruit, fans, flowers and crockery
fruit, fans, crockery and flowers
fruit, crockery, flowers and fans
fruit, crockery, fans and flowers
fans, flowers, fruit and crockery
fans, flowers, crockery and fruit
fans, fruit, flowers and crockery
fans, fruit, crockery and flowers
fans, crockery, flowers and fruit
fans, crockery, fruit and flowers
crockery, flowers, fruit and fans
crockery, flowers, fans and fruit
crockery, fruit, flowers and fans
crockery, fruit, fans and flowers
crockery, fans, flowers and fruit
crockery, fans, fruit and flowers